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What you need is some one who can understand your needs and has a lot of experience in the technology you use. He should deliver on time and be a team player. He should be engaged, come up with new ideas and go an extra mile if the project needs it.


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The ability to delegate is one of a key skills of an successful manager. In many cases it makes sense not to try to build up an in-house team but to outsource some parts or even an entire development project. 

Let our PORODUCT OWNERS and PROJECT MANAGERS take over and assure that everything is delivered on time and within budget. Just tell us what you want to achieve and enjoy the ride. 

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Sustainability is one of the main issues of our time. It should not only be limited to environmental topics. Sustainability is a way to think and to act that considers the main principles of life.

We see our purpose in helping our clients to develop digital solutions that are able to sustain in a rapidly changing business environment and that contribute to making the world a better place for each of us.

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Igor Kalashnikov*
Senior Front-End-Developer

Tech Stack:
HTML5, XHTML, CSS 3, SCSS React, Angular 2-11, RxJS, Vue.JS D3.js


Worked for:


*Abstract of an example CV Data. Real Expert Data may differ . 

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